Business immigration is one of the most efficient pathways for skilled and knowledgeable foreign nationals to move to Canada. Given Canada’s many opportunities, the interest in relocating, establishing, or managing an existing business in Canada continues to grow worldwide. Globally, Canada is among the first ten countries with the largest gross domestic product (GDP) and is the world’s second-largest nation, although its population is only about 37 million. Moreover, it has a wealth of natural resources that feed a variety of secondary industries, including petroleum products. It holds the third-largest oil reserve in the world. In addition, agriculture, fisheries, the forest industry, and the rapid development of alternative forms of energy are among Canada’s viable business sectors.

Canada has been ranked among the top nations globally on many indices that measure the standard of living and quality of life. She is proud of her diverse, multicultural society and welcomes thousands of newcomers annually. Given that Canada’s natural resources are finite, the government is particularly interested in attracting entrepreneurs to establish new businesses and employment opportunities. The small business sector in Canada currently accounts for 65 -70% of jobs and continues to grow. The influx of immigrants with business experience and acumen facilitates new industries and employment opportunities for all Canadians.

The immigration by business-class programs are designed to attract companies, entrepreneurs, business owners, investors, executives, or senior managers who want to contribute to the Canadian economy and society. It rewards them with permanent residence status, which commences immediately or after engaging in the business for a stipulated period.

The Three Business-Class Programs:

Start-up Visa Programs
Self-employed Persons Programs
Provincial Entrepreneur Visa Programs.

How Elboniel Immigration Consultants Can Help with Business Immigration

Our consultants can discuss these programs in detail and help clients determine their best option after learning about their goals. We understand the complexity of meeting these programs’ regulatory requirements and are confident in guiding clients throughout the process. We will liaise with designated organizations on your behalf, ensure the accuracy of the information in your documents, and facilitate all the steps involved in your business immigration application. In addition, we can help you establish or purchase an existing business that is relevant to your skills and background.