Economic Class Immigration

Canada’s employment challenges include demographic and labour force growth issues as its population ages and retire from the workforce. Therefore, Canada relies heavily on immigration to support economic recovery and growth in the coming years. It addresses the issue by welcoming permanent residency applications from professional and skilled workers who will successfully establish themselves and contribute to their new communities. Canada believes that applicants with diverse work experience, education, and Canadian official language proficiency will thrive in this country because they can easily adjust to changes that affect labour market conditions over time. In 2020, approximately 58% of permanent residents admitted to Canada belonged to the Economic Class.

The program offers several pathways, which are managed through the Express Entry system. Interested persons may become permanent residents through the following programs:

Immigration, Refugee & Citizenship Canada (IRCC) announced other programs during the COVID-19 pandemic that favours people already in Canada. Our consultants can inform you of all the potential paths to achieving your goal of immigrating to Canada.