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What Elboniel Offers

We understand that the path to temporary or permanent residency in Canada is a life-changing journey for any individual or family. It requires a great deal of thought, choosing the best route, and submitting the required documents. The process involves time, energy, and a financial cost.

Our mission is to assist those who wish to enter Canada to navigate the ever-changing immigration rules, laws, and procedures that are involved in gaining entry.

Our expertise allows us to advise applicants on the optimal route, the associated process, required documentation, and how to enhance your chances for success. Immigration officers who review applications are permitted to exercise discretion in granting visas under Canadian immigration law and various rules.

In each step of the application process, our experienced and fully licensed consultants will guide and support applicants on understanding these rules and discretional issues under which an immigration officer will assess and determine if the applicant will be granted a visa.

Elboniel Consultants are honest and will advise and assist clients with obtaining the correct application supporting documents, create an application and assist in submitting application documents. We manage and support your communication with Canadian Immigration, and ensure you have the best possible chances of a successful application. We do the work for and with our clients.

Elboniel Immigration

Our team comprises Regulated Immigration Consultants of Canada (RCIC). We are fully licensed members in Good Standing with the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC). These RCICs are also members of the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC).